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February 7, 2018

The Best Of Ibiza

Legendary in its own right, and known as the white washed island it is, Ibiza’s reputation precedes itself, however, it is more than a hedonistic retreat for dehabbers; it’s also one of the most mesmerizing places in the world. To get the best of Ibiza though, you definitely need to get off of the well-worn clubbing and party path.

With more than 70% of its tourism coming from families, it is clear this party island is more than meets the eye. And that’s not saying we don’t like to party. Far from it. In fact, we think what will meet your eye is something along the lines of death by tequila and tranquil empty beaches. From the gorgeous clear sea to the tongue tantalising cocktails, the island of Ibiza really does have it all.

With a full set up of stomach-rumbling eateries, buzzing bars, outdoor pursuit options in abundance, and all set in a ridiculously beautiful location, the island of Ibiza provides the perfect balance. It’s a mecca for young, fashionable yogis and laid-back hippy chicks and dudes alike. Something in the sweet Balearic air brings many beautiful folks here, all in search of that famous chilled out island vibe.

The tempting turquoise seas are just asking to swim in, and the long coastal walks will take your breath away. Be sure to rise early for the magical sunrises and shimmy down to the beach front for summer sundowners. Whilst you’re here turn off your phone, forget the outside world and live the good life from dawn until dusk. We’ll handle everything else.

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By harsh
February 7, 2018

So Much More Than A Party Destination

A weekend in Ibiza had always been on the top of my bucket list. The blue Balearic waters, beautiful people, boho vibes, and of course, the best nightlife on the planet! This year I decided it was time to live the Ibiza dream, and so my search began. The opportunities presented to me were endless, but everyone seemed to be offering the same: hotels, parties and lots of alcohol. Which, don’t get me wrong, is a brilliant combination… but I was after something a little more authentic and chilled for my first Ibiza experience. That’s when I stumbled across the Ibiza Beach Camp. Bingo. Camping in a tee-pee, watching the starry sky at night, yoga lessons each morning, stand up paddle boarding during the summer’s sweet afternoon sun, freshly prepared healthy meals, and the option to add unlimited booze to my stay… where do I sign up?

The campsite was everything I imagined and more. Our tee-pees were set up for our arrival, and the beach was just a minutes walk away (which we pretty much had to ourselves for the whole week).

Each morning there were yoga sessions on the beach, which got me super flexible for the evenings antics… The yoga instructor was awesome (and cute), and designed a class perfect for us beginners. One day we headed to a hippie market nearby where we bought all kinds of Ibiza goodies and enjoyed the laid back island ambience. Other activities included cliff jumping, volleyball, beach soccer, stand up paddle boarding, beach running, and of course, hanging out with a bunch of international legends.

Come sunset we’d pop open the beers, and swap stories of our travels around the common area at camp. As the week came to an end, I got that feeling… you know, the one where you never want the holiday to end. I was so glad I opted for a chilled Ibiza experience and explored the island instead of sweating it out in a club each night. Breaking away from the norm definitely proved that Ibiza is much more than a party destination, and I can’t wait to return.

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By harsh
February 7, 2018

Ibiza’s Best Beaches

People travel from all over the world to visit Ibiza’s pristine beaches, they also make for the perfect spot to recover from a night out. Below are a few of our favourites, some of which you won’t find in your guidebook. While all these beaches are great, the best thing to do on Ibiza is to go exploring and find the hidden away gems for yourself.

Aguas Blancas (north)

In the north-east of the island, a short drive from San Carlos is this great beach which is well worth the trip, even if you’re not staying on this part of Ibiza. The beach is set at the base of sheer cliffs which makes this setting something to behold. Not only do the cliffs provide protection from the hot afternoon sun, you can make a paste from the rock mixed with sea water and rub it on your skin for an all natural skin treatment.

After a short walk down a steep descent from the car park, you have the option to take up a sun lounger from the base of the stairs, or walk further down the beach to find your own patch of sand. Just be aware that the further you walk down the beach, the more nude people become! As well as the crystal clear water, you can swim out to a rocky island and jump back into the sea.

If you’re Australian and missing the beaches from home, this comes close.

Benirrás (north)

Located in the north of the island near San Miguel, Benirrás is one of Ibiza’s famous beaches that lives up to and probably exceeds expectations. It’s crystal clear waters are fantastic for snorkelling or you can swim out and explore the rocky caves that can be found around the bay. The beach has a couple of restaurants, a boutique clothing store and a couple of water-sports hire establishments to keep you busy. Benirrás is probably most famous however for its Sunday evening sunset bongo circles in summer, but be warned, these become very busy, especially in August, so plan ahead and get there early, or take the bus as parking is extremely limited.

Caló des Gat (north-east)

This little rocky bay can be found just around the corner from Cala Martina, a short stroll from the famous Punta Arabi Hippy Market and backs on to Camping La Playa Ibiza. You’ll find this beach is largely abandoned apart from on Wednesdays when people from all over the island flock to the area for the Hippy Market. While the beach itself is nothing to write home about, there is a little jetty you can sunbathe on, and on the opposite side of the bay, some rocks you can jump from into the deep blue water. It’s also great for snorkelling and neighbouring Cala Martina has more water sports options than you can shake a stick at. If you’re here on a Wednesday or Sunday, the local beach bar Chirincana hosts live music late into the night with plenty of good times and fire dancers to go along with it.

Cala Comte (south-west)

Not far from San Antoni, this beach, or should we say collection of beaches, is a swimmer’s and photographer’s dream. With bright blue water spread across 3 different beach areas separated by a sharp point, rocky islands off the coast, a restaurant serving food, drinks and music and one of the best sunsets on the island; this ticks an awful lot of boxes.

You can catch a bus here from San Antoni, or drive and park in the car park, but in peak months it does get very busy and traffic gridlock getting in and out is not uncommon.

Las Salinas (south)

10-minutes from Playa den Bossa, just beyond the salt flats (from where the name is derived) you’ll find this long sandy beach with a plethora of activities for you, but not as busy as Playa den Bossa itself. It has a reputation of being a bit cool and the prices of the beach side restaurants and bars will reflect that. You have all of your standard water activities like pedalos and catamarans for hire. In the right wind you’ll also find some bodysurf-able waves here. Like a lot of beaches on Ibiza, if you walk a little further down, you’ll find the nudist section, and beyond that there are some quieter rocky bays if you want to escape the crowds even more. The beach backs onto Ibiza’s Wildlife Conservation Area, so is a great spot to explore on foot if it’s not too hot.

Ses Balandres (north-west)

This one is for the adventurous folk among us. To get to this little rocky beach, you first need to find it, and then scale the steep terrain using ladders, stairs and ropes setup by fishermen to access their boat sheds. The reward will be crystal clear water (as always) and more than likely very few other people. Make sure you bring plenty of water and some snacks so you can make a day of it, as the trek down to the beach can take 45-minutes alone.

By harsh
February 7, 2018

More Than Just A Place On A Map

Ibiza town is a sultry city. It looks old but tastes new, it’s got style and finesse, without being pretentiously pretty… although it can be pretty pretentious. This is where the beautiful people of the world gather to party and by the end of the week look less pretty than when they came, and feel the need to indulge in a Disney movie or two to feel better about themselves and heal their chafed, raw souls when the party is over!

Head west of the town and you’ll follow a beach strip of happiness. This is the beach culminating in Playa d’en Bossa – one of the clubbing meccas of the island housing clubs like Space, Ushuaia, Sankey’s, Tantra Bar and Bora Bora beach bar. This is where the darlings of Ibiza spend their time, it’s less English tourist and more Italian babes in their tiny bikinis or 8-pack bearing boardies, drinking and dancing and playing to their heart’s content.

Head north of Ibiza town along the highway and you’ll come to Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege – three of Ibiza’s most insane clubs. On the northwest side of the island is San Antonio – another centre for basking, clubbing and partying – Es Paradis, Eden, Cafe Mambo, Cafe del Mar, Ocean Beach Club and Ithaca… this is the area of cheap booze and debauchery.

In short, there’s no way to go to Ibiza to party and be disappointed. And as we know the know about where to go, we can guarantee you a bloody good time. We’ll sort out your accommodation, food, and unlimited booze from 11am-11pm, plus we’ll organise discounted club entry at the top spots of the day. All you have to do is pack in your bathers, work on the shapes you’ll cut on the dance floor and possibly cut out those carbs for the beach body of your dreams.

If you want a little mythical magic on your trip, you can hire a scooter or quad bike and go adventuring along the many coastal roads to hidden bays and jumping cliffs and full moon hippie parties with bongo drums and fire dancers and hot Argentinian dread-locked bastard that will take you to heaven and back.

We can point you in the right direction and set you free and you can explore the other side of this haven of hedonism.

If there is one thing you do in life and one place you go before you die, this is it. This is the one. This is the unmissable.

By harsh
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