February 7, 2018

The Best Of Ibiza

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Legendary in its own right, and known as the white washed island it is, Ibiza’s reputation precedes itself, however, it is more than a hedonistic retreat for dehabbers; it’s also one of the most mesmerizing places in the world. To get the best of Ibiza though, you definitely need to get off of the well-worn clubbing and party path.

With more than 70% of its tourism coming from families, it is clear this party island is more than meets the eye. And that’s not saying we don’t like to party. Far from it. In fact, we think what will meet your eye is something along the lines of death by tequila and tranquil empty beaches. From the gorgeous clear sea to the tongue tantalising cocktails, the island of Ibiza really does have it all.

With a full set up of stomach-rumbling eateries, buzzing bars, outdoor pursuit options in abundance, and all set in a ridiculously beautiful location, the island of Ibiza provides the perfect balance. It’s a mecca for young, fashionable yogis and laid-back hippy chicks and dudes alike. Something in the sweet Balearic air brings many beautiful folks here, all in search of that famous chilled out island vibe.

The tempting turquoise seas are just asking to swim in, and the long coastal walks will take your breath away. Be sure to rise early for the magical sunrises and shimmy down to the beach front for summer sundowners. Whilst you’re here turn off your phone, forget the outside world and live the good life from dawn until dusk. We’ll handle everything else.

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